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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Odds and Ends

Our life these days feels a bit scattered as we make all the necessary preparations to leave our home for a good portion of this year. So far I feel like I have little to show for all the hours I've spent "packing," since most of that time has really been spent going through junk that needs to be tossed or given away. I do have several giveaway boxes, but not a lot of actual packed, taped-up, ready-to-go boxes.

So, in light of that, I thought it was only fitting that this post be a little scattered as well. Here are a few odds and ends from our week.
This week the kids took their scootering to the next level. They've always just ridden on our back porch, but when we were heading out for a walk last weekend, Lee Anna asked if they could ride their scooters out on the street instead. I agreed, and they had a blast. Sawyer stopped about 87 times to pick up rocks (which I then had to hold so that he could ride the scooter again), and Lee Anna had fun seeing how fast she could go. They took Daddy out for another scooter ride a few days later.
This pic is from today. One of the kids was talking about puppets, so I suggested that they go get some dolls and drape a blanket over the piano bench to do a puppet show. This is apparently the princess portion of the show. Sawyer never really caught on to the fact that he was not supposed to show his face. Lee Anna ducked her head down for a while, but I think it got uncomfortable. Fortunately, their audience was very forgiving and enjoyed the show immensely (except maybe for Daddy, who had trouble keeping his eyes open from his reclined position on the couch!).
And this is the very random breakfast we had this morning. Lee Anna requested blueberry muffins several weeks ago, and I told her she would just have to wait until we got back to the states, since we can't get blueberries here. Then, yesterday, as I was looking through our kitchen cabinets trying to find things to use up, I discovered a box of Jiffy blueberry muffin mix hidden in the back. She was so excited! When we got ready to make them this morning, I remembered that we also had these Halloween cupcake papers that needed to be used. I pulled them out thinking we'd just use the papers, but Lee Anna would have nothing of that. She and Sawyer generously decorated each muffin with the little pumpkin and spider flags. When I got ready to take their picture, she said, "Happy Merry Halloween!"

So that's a little bit of our week. We're supposed to be headed to the zoo with some friends on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be back with a little more cohesive post on Saturday or Sunday.

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