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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The End of An Era

We had to say some hard goodbyes today. Today was the kids' last day at the preschool they've been going to since they looked like this... For Lee Anna, it's been over three years. For Sawyer, almost two. And while they have certainly had days when they DID NOT want to go (and made their parents well aware of it), for the most part it has been a great experience. They have learned lots of Arabic (and some English), gone on countless fun field trips, made some impressive art projects, learned some nontraditional holiday songs, and gotten to wear fun clothes (see also here).

Our little princess has come a long way from her first school program to this year's Christmas singalong. It's hard to believe how little she was when she started! We're grateful for the teachers who have poured so much into our children. One teacher who doesn't even work at the school anymore found out that this was Lee Anna's last week and came by two different times to tell her goodbye!

Here they are on their last day. Walking in this morning...
...and walking out this afternoon, after one more hug for a sweet teacher.

It's been a great experience for them, and we're so grateful they've had this fun place to go!

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