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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunrise Celebration

Happy Easter, Everyone! We hope you had a joyful day celebrating Jesus.

This morning we did something new for our family--we watched the sun rise from a sailboat on the river! Our kids haven't seen many sunrises in their time (especially if you don't count the ones from an airplane window!), so this was a special treat.That 4:30 a.m. alarm sure was early, but definitely worth it. The kids only took a minute or two to come out of their fog and remember that we were going on a BOAT! Once that sank in, they sprang to life. We made the short walk to the sailboats and waited for our friends to join us.
We had a great time singing together (led by my floating minstrel husband), eating delicious breakfast treats, enjoying the peaceful calm, and of course watching for the sun to rise.
Here's our first glimpse!

We had a double-dose today, because we also got to spend time later with more friends as our families celebrated Easter together. I don't have any good pictures from that get-together, but we had a great time telling and reenacting the Easter story, enjoying lots more delicious food, and even hiding an egg or two. It was a wonderful day.

Happy, Happy Easter! He is Risen!

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