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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Steps

I'm a couple days late with Sarah Claire's ten-month monkey picture, but it's not because I haven't been trying! She has been a little bit under the weather this week with a nose running like a faucet and eyes producing massive amounts of yucky stuff.

However, as yucky as the stuff in her eyes was, she was not interested in having them cleaned. My attempts to wash them usually just triggered more crying which meant more runny nose and eyes!

So, my first two attempts at a monkey picture came up dry, but today we finally got a decent one. You can still see some of the redness in her eyes, but trust me, this is much better than she's been looking! I'm so glad that she's feeling better, and just amazed that she is really ten months old already.

This has been a fun month. She is an expert speed-crawler now, and she is so very close to walking. She took three tiny steps in a row one time today, but she usually falls after her first step. She is also doing lots of baby signs for us--dog, cat, more, all done, bye-bye, duck, and no-no are all part of her repertoire. And she gives the sweetest kisses in the world. :)

Happy Tenth Month to our little princess!

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