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Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Little Poet

Lee Anna and I have read lots of poetry together this year, and she got excited when I told her that her assignment today was to write her own. She declared immediately that they should be "silly" poems, and then we worked together to come up with some ideas. The assignment was to write an "imagery poem," so we talked about making comparisons and painting pictures with our words.

Here are her compositions:

The Clock
One day my father climbed
into the clock
to make it ding.
He was the dinger.
I thought it was the clock.

The Rain on My Head
The sun shone on my head,
so hot that the sweat came down
from my head like raindrops.

The Hurricane
The baby goes from room to room
making a mess like a hurricane.

The Monkey
My monkey brother climbs, climbs, climbs
in our jungle house.

The Dust Storm
The dust rolls out like a sleeping bag
spreading out to be slept on.

I admit I'm extremely biased, but I was impressed! We both had so much fun that we will definitely be writing more soon.


  1. I am impressed also and look forward to reading more from this new little poet.

  2. My favorite is The Hurricane. Good imagery!