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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

1 On 2, Day Three

Day three isn't quite in the books yet, but I've got a little break while Sawyer entertains himself. This is the first time he's been content by himself since they got home. Well, I guess he was pretty happy when we were playing on the back porch for a while. But mostly he's either been screaming or being carried. Maybe he's teething, or his tummy was hurting?

After I wrote last night's post, I started feeling feverish. I took some tylenol or ibuprofen and went to bed. So I didn't sleep well, then I got up and got the kids ready and took them to school--Sawyer's First Day!

I asked Lee Anna about Sawyer on the way home, and she said, "He cried a lot. He wants you or my Mommy." Hopefully he'll do better tomorrow.

Before Beth left, I had imagined having four days with the kids in school and plenty of time to get things fixed up in the new flat, or go shopping for stuff we need. But then Monday Sawyer stayed home sick, and Tuesday the daycare was closed, and now on Wednesday I was sick and ended up in bed most of the day. Oh well. Maybe next week.

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  1. CHILI's?????????????? You CALLED IN AN ORDER to CHILI's???????????
    How could you post that and make CHILI-lovers like me cringe????? blessings,deb