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Thursday, May 03, 2007

One on Two, Day Four (I think)

It's 9:00 and they're both asleep. That probably means Sawyer is taking a nap and will be up again soon. We'll see.

We had a pretty rough night last night. I'll try to piece together the timeline from my foggy memories:
8:30, Lee Anna goes to sleep peacefully.
10:00 I lay down with Sawyer, who plays on the bed for an hour while I drift in and out of sleep.
11:00 Sawyer has a dirty diaper; gets mad about changing it; goes to sleep
11:45 Sawyer sits up and cries some more.
12:00 Lee Anna cries out for Mommy. I console her and she stays asleep.
12:30 Lee Anna cries out for milk. I take her a cup, twice, telling her no more after that.
12:45 I fall asleep on Lee Anna's bed.
2:30 I wake up and go to my own bed.
6:15 Lee Anna gets up and comes to my room. Immediately goes to sleep there.
6:30 Sawyer wakes up. I bring him to my room where he falls asleep next to his sister.
8:30 I try to sneak out of bed to get a shower, but Sawyer sees me and wakes up. Shower waits until 2:30 this afternoon.

After all that, it was a pretty good day. The kids were sweet getting ready for school. After school we came home and played on the floor and ordered supper from Chili's.

This morning, I was giving Sawyer his medicine (he's still on an antibiotic from last week's infection) and he had his pacifier in his mouth. Several times lately I've grabbed the back of the passy with my teeth to take it from him so I could give him the medicine. The medicine's in one hand and the baby is in the other, so... Well, this morning, I got the medicine out and ready, and he leaned over and put the pacifier against my mouth, and just grinned and grinned when I took it from him.

I'm feeling a lot better today. Thanks for Thinking of me today.

One day more. Beth should be landing about this time tomorrow night. We'll all be really glad to see her.

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