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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bedouin DVDs?

We've been decorating our new place for two months now. Some of it is starting to take shape. In the room where I'm sitting now, we have a desk for the computer on one wall, the piano on another wall, and a play area for the kids in the remaining area. Around the kids play area, we got these cool pillows to sit on. They're great for reading books with the kids and playing on the floor. But they're also comfortable for grownups to sit and chat and drink tea. They're called Bedouin style--from the nomadic Bedouin people who live in the desert in this part of the world. As we were setting things up, Beth asked where we could put Lee Anna's DVD player in this new arrangement. So I told her we should go out to the desert and ask some Bedouins where they put their DVD players in their tents.

(Sorry the picture is blurry--the camera had some little tiny fingerprints on the lens!)

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