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Saturday, September 27, 2008

How Do You Say "Go Noles" in Chinese?

We made an exciting discovery tonight. Jason was able to find a website that's streaming almost-live coverage of the Florida State v. Colorado game. This is his first chance to see his beloved Seminoles play this year, and not something we were expecting at all today, so he's really enjoying it. Of course, the fact that they're winning doesn't hurt.

We don't know for sure exactly where this broadcast comes from, but the Chinese ads at the top lead us to believe that it's probably making a detour through East Asia before it makes its way to us. That might explain the three-or-four-minute delay we discovered when Jason talked to his parents a few minutes ago. But, I guess that's not too bad for a trip around the entire world.


  1. What is the website?

  2. Check www.myp2p.eu for lots of online-tv servers.