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Friday, September 12, 2008

She's Got Talent!

Since we've been living overseas, Jason's sister Stacy has picked up a new hobby—one that Lee Anna has benefited greatly from. Stacy has learned to sew, and it seems like she's always sending Lee Anna a new outfit that she's made. I thought it was time to show off a little of my s-i-l's handiwork.
These two (above and below) were in the stash of goodies that my parents just brought. Too cute!
And this one (below) has a skirt and a pair of pants that go with it, but Lee Anna chose her shorts for this 110-plus degree day. This little top might be my favorite. So simple and pretty!
And here's the seamstress with her family. The girls are, of course, wearing more of Stacy's handiwork.

Good work, Aunt Stacy! We love you!

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