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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Pictures, Just Words from Daddy

I’m going to try to use my 1000 words to paint a picture for you of the funniest thing I’ve ever seen (or at least the funniest thing I saw yesterday). Sawyer has been “shooting” at everyone and everything for the past week or two. He points his finger and makes a cute little shooting sound. I usually lay my head down when he shoots me, and then he tells me to wake up. Sometimes he shoots me and then lays his own head down, and I have to tell him to wake up. He shoots his teachers at school and cars on the streets as well. He’s developing a pretty good sense of when something needs to be shot. If he doesn’t want to do something I tell him to, I’m likely to become a target!

Yesterday, he was “reading” through a little picture book with some animals in it. He saw a dog and said “How, how” (that’s Arabic for "woof, woof"). He saw a frog and said “ribbet.” He turned a page and showed me a lady bug and told me about it. But then he got the pages mixed up and turned back to the frog. “Ooooo Nooooooooooo!!, he yelled, obviously distraught at the prospect of seeing the frog image again. Then he looked at the frog and “Peeyoooww” shot him right between the eyes.

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