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Monday, September 08, 2008

Ocean Adventures

Mimi and Papaw came to visit us last week, and we had a great time. As you can see, Papaw didn't waste any time getting started playing with the grandkids. This was the first time that we've had our own car to drive to the airport, so the whole family got to go pick them up.
Mimi & Papaw just didn't quite get their fill of flying in the 20 hours it took to get here, so we decided to get on another airplane the next day! This time we all flew together, and the flight took less than an hour. We went to a beach resort on the Red Sea and spent about five days swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, and having lots of fun together.
Poor Sawyer was so worn out from the traveling and playing in the pool that he crashed in my arms at dinner the first night. It's hard work having that much fun!
The grown ups all took turns snorkeling at the beautiful coral reef. It was our (Jason's and my) first time to snorkel, and we were absolutely amazed! Everything was so beautiful.
The kids couldn't do that with us, of course, but they got to do the next best thing. We rode on a glass bottom boat that went right along the same reef where we had snorkeled.
They were as amazed as we were, and only a little disappointed that we didn't find Ariel, Flounder or Nemo under the sea. (I also feel compelled to note that Lee Anna--NOT her mother--chose her hairstyle for this day. I am not a fan of the three-pony-tail look, but she was quite insistent, and it didn't seem worth fighting over, especially since we were on vacation and all.)
Sawyer racked up on some quality Papaw time. I think here they're discussing the finer details of buying and selling hospitals. Sawyer says, "Papaw, as long as your hospital has ice cream, I don't care which side of town it's on!"
Our hotel had an amazing kiddie pool area, including this huge rainbow slide. In our five days of vacation, Lee Anna went down this slide approximately 783 times. She became quite the pro, and sometimes even succeeded in convincing one of the grown ups to go with her.

Mimi & Papaw, the kids are ready to go back when you are!

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  1. WOW!! That place looks awesome! I'm so happy y'all were able to have so much great family time. I'm really so blessed by your blog...it's so happy & positive even though I'm sure there are really hard times as well! Keep up the good work!
    Ms. Marlene