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Monday, October 13, 2008

City Scenes

Sometimes, when our blog posting slows down, it's because we just don't have much to blog about. Other times, it's because we're so busy having experiences worth blogging about that we don't have time to actually sit down and do it. This is one of those times. We're in the midst of a very busy, very fun month, with lots of visitors from the states. We love having people visit us for lots of reasons--believe it or not, it's not just because they bring us goodies.

One of the things we love about having visitors is that we get to see our host country with brand new eyes again. We're reminded of all the things that used to strike us as so strange and funny and noteworthy that have now become as normal to us as stoplights and mailboxes are to you.

As any good tourists would, our visitors have gone nowhere without a camera in hand. We're glad for this, because they're often much braver about taking pictures than we are. So, without further ado, we're excited to share with you a slideshow of scenes from across our amazing city, courtesy of our new friends, who we're pretty sure broke all previous records held for number of pictures taken in a single trip! Enjoy!

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