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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spreading the News

We've had fun sharing the news of this pregnancy with our friends and family--especially with the grandparents. Since we'll be in the states next year when this baby is born and will get to deliver at the hospital where Papaw works, we thought it would be fun to let some people from the hospital share the good news with Mimi and Papaw.

I contacted a friend who works with my dad, and he said he would be more than happy to put the announcement together. He also contacted Mimi and asked her to be at the hospital Monday morning for a special presentation. She thought they were giving Papaw an award, so it was a big surprise for her, too!Here they are receiving the "award." They were given a mock birth certificate for "Grandchild #3" to arrive sometime in June 2009. As you can see, they also had baby balloons (one It's a Girl balloon and one It's a Boy balloon since we don't know yet) and even a sweet baby doll for Mimi to hold.
Uncle Andy had even come to see Papaw receive his award! He's excited about his new niece or nephew, and has begun referring to himself as a "Truncle," for "triple uncle."
This is my very favorite part! Someone had the hilarious idea of putting Papaw's face on this ultrasound picture. They gave it to him in a frame that says, "Me and My Grandpa." Too funny!

I hope to have a picture soon to show you how we broke the news to GG and Grandpa. We had some help with that one, too, and they were also very surprised. We're so grateful to have this exciting news to share. What an amazing miracle!

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