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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Snowball Fight of 2010

As most of you know, we live in the desert. We hardly get any rain, much less snow. In fact, there's not even a word in the local language for snow. They just call it "ice." When they talk about it, which they don't often, because there isn't any to talk about.

So we certainly didn't expect to have a White Christmas. Fortunately, Jason and I both grew up in Florida, so no snow at Christmas is quite normal for us.

But this year we decided to have a little wintry fun and hold the Great Indoor Snowball Fight of 2010. We split into teams (boys vs. girls, of course) and each team had 5 minutes to create as many snowballs as they could. Then we let 'em fly, and, well, you can see below how much fun was had.

I love that the kids never stop laughing!

When we were finally finished, we went into the kitchen for some chocolate milk (our hot-weather substitute for hot chocolate), since the kids had worked up a sweat by that point.

We hosted Round 2 a few days later when Uncle Andy came to town, and he told us stories of fighting with real Ukrainian snow. It sounds like he has fun, but this Florida girl will take paper snowballs in her warm house any day over snow in her boots and frozen fingers and toes!

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  1. I do have a question.....were you able to reuse those snowballs after the snowball fight was over??? So enjoyed seeing this blog as it is my first visit to yours which brought me many smiles of joy! I also loved seeing your home as one never can visualize what kind of environment you live. Carol