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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Havin' It Our Way...In Our Part of Town!!

Last week, as Jason was driving up a busy street in our part of town, he spotted something exciting...a brand new Burger King! As you might guess from the picture, this is a building that we've visited many times before, but now it's gotten even better!
Until now, visiting BK has been a rare treat since the closest one was 30 minutes away and had a total of two tables in the whole restaurant. Now it looks like we may be partaking of Whoppers and onion rings a little more often. Probably not a good thing for our health, but it makes our taste buds happy!
Tonight, while we were waiting for our order, Sarah Claire turned on the charm with the man you see behind her in the photo. She turned around and started smiling and waving at him, as she does frequently with strangers. He loved it, and before I knew it, he had given her his box of French fries. She ate it (with some help from her siblings, of course), then climbed down, walked over to him and made the "all done" sign (rubbing her two hands together back and forth). I'm sure she was hoping he'd replenish the supply, but his tray was empty. Luckily, our food arrived soon after that.

What can I say? These guys are always ready to help out their little sis, especially when it involves eating French fries!

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