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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sailing in the New Year

Happy New Year!

What a blessing to spend the first day of 2011 with my whole family!
Here's Lee Anna showing off the beautiful hand-sewn "vishivanka" that Uncle Andy brought her from Ukraine. She loves it! After she opened her present last night, she whispered in my ear, "Mom, I want to wear this shirt on the very first day of summer!" She was thrilled when she realized that with some long sleeves underneath she could wear it even sooner.
We always tend to take lots of pictures on the river. It's a bit more picturesque than much of the rest of our world here.
Aunt Claire spent much of the boat ride on "keep the baby from falling into the water" duty. She did a great job and all three kids came home dry.

I love this sweet picture. Uncle Andy heads back home tonight, but we still have a few more days with the rest of the fam.

Keep checking back for more updates. As a Christmas present to G.G. and Grandpa, we've promised to post on the blog every day this month, but I don't think they'll mind if others check in, too.

Hope your new year has gotten off to a great start!

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