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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

We are experiencing quite a bleak mid-winter this year. We've had several stormy, rainy days. The temperature has dipped as low as 10 degrees, and the high has seldom been out of the teens. Okay, those are Celcius temperatures, but it sounds cold, doesn't it? (10 C is about 50 F; and 20 is like 68F).

You can see in this picture how many layers of clothes I have to wear to stay warm. I'm wearing a t-shirt, dress shirt, sweater and a scarf with my jacket. I might have even put on socks that day. It was really cold out by the river drinking coffee.

On a rainy Friday, Beth was taking the two big kids to a birthday party. They were driving when is started raining, so Beth turned on her windshield wipers. Sawyer asked "Why are you doing that?" So she explained that they wipe the rain water off the windshield so you can see. "This is what we do when it's raining." Sawyer looked back and exclaimed, rather loudly, "Look Mama! The car behind us is doing it too!!"

We've had three rainy days this week, and we haven't totaled a quarter inch of rain if you collected it in a funnel. But it has been cloudy and chilly.
When Beth's brother was visiting here from his home in Ukraine I really had a hard time convincing him how cold it is. But it is cold here. I promise. This is winter.

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  1. Hilarious comment about the windshield wipers! Today, it was so bright and sunny in Cardiff that on the way to school the girls were squinting saying "Goodness me, it's bright today!" haaa.