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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Come on In!

For day 20 of our 31 Posts in 31 Days Extravaganza, we decided that since we won't ever have the privilege of welcoming most of you, our dear readers, into our home, you might enjoy a room-by-room tour of our humble abode. So we waited until our housekeeper had just walked out the door, and quickly snapped these pictures before things could get back to normal!

This first shot is the view when you first walk in the front door. Of course, you can't really walk in from any other door, since none of the other doors are connected to the ground. So every entrance starts here. In the lower right corner of the picture is the shoe cabinet. Just beyond that is a tall bookcase. The black chair you see in the center of the picture, farthest from the camera, is the chair that is currently supporting the present author. This second photo is taken from the same spot, just rotated to the left about 90 degrees. This is the table where we take our meals. When we're not eating out.
And this view is from the location of the aforementioned black chair. The little red table is for home schooling and other kid-related activities. The red recliner is definitely the most sought-after sitting spot, for both family members and regular visitors.
This is our spacious kitchen. This is our third flat to live in in this town, and the other two kitchens could together fit comfortably inside this one, with enough room left over for a small cat to sleep. But we really don't like cats sleeping in the kitchen.
This is the Master Bedroom area. Thank you to those of you who gave us the yellow bedding as wedding gifts 10 years ago! Each room has a balcony attached to it, which we use for drying some clothes and being outside.
This is the Master Bathroom. This is infamous room where I (Jason) sat with the plumbers while we waited for the pump to start working last week. Note also that this room is home to the clothes dryer, but not the washer. The washer is down the hall in another restroom. It's nice when they can be together, but not absolutely necessary. We do have a dryer, which makes us different than approximately 98% of the homes in this town.
Lee Anna and Sawyer's room is all decked out in blue. Aunt Claire helped paint the polka dots when she was here this summer. Lee Anna would like you to know that she painted some of them, too.
This is the other wall in the kids' room. The name carvings on the wall were done (at least partly) by Lee Anna at some of our trips to this fun place. I (Beth) painted them with leftover paint from the polka dots.
This little photo wall is right outside the kids' bathroom, between their two bedrooms. Sarah Claire loves to point out all the babies in these pictures, and she also likes to tell me about the ducks in the bottom right one and the hat Sawyer's wearing on the bottom left.
This room belongs to the youngest member of our household. It also doubles as a guitar storage center. How many guitar cases can you spot?
This area is to your right just as you walk in the door. Yes, I have the same little cube storage bin in both kids' rooms. We brought the white one with us from the states, and had a carpenter here build the brown one. Workmen here aren't always big on precision, and I was scared to death that the canvas bins wouldn't actually fit in the cubes he built, but he surprised me and did a super job! We've gone back to him a lot.
The last picture shows the view from Sarah Claire's balcony. It's pretty similar to the view from all the other balconies. We're lucky to live next door to a single-family dwelling (that's the roof you see below), which means that we get to look out and see trees and sky instead of just looking straight into someone else's apartment. I stood on our front balcony once and counted 40 different buildings that I can see from here.
And that, my friends, is our humble home. Now that you know your way around, feel free to come visit us anytime! Just don't expect it to always look like the housekeeper just left.

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