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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Desperate Times

Earlier this month, we wrote about the various modes of transport available to us here, and pointed out that the family on a donkey cart was something we just didn't see in the Greater Dallas area.

But apparently some things have changed. It seems we've been gone from the States too long and weren't aware that, while our gas prices on this side of the ocean have gone up from 75 cents per gallon to about a buck-twenty-five, the slightly more dramatic rise back on the home front has caused some people to take some pretty drastic measures. Just check out these pictures, shot recently in the DFW metroplex, to see how at least one Texan is dealing with the insanity of current gas prices.
Thanks, Sean, for bringing this new trend to our attention. It's great to know we'll feel right at home when we get back to the big D! ;)

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