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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little hard to believe

Since Thursday is the end of our week, every Thursday afternoon Sawyer brings home a big stack of the papers he's finished at school that week. More often than not, he also brings home a terribly impressive art project that, try as we may, we just can't bring ourselves to believe that a two-year-old has actually created. Below is what he brought home last week.We love our son, but we're just fairly certain that he did not a) cut out a letter S, b) clue those tiny little balls perfectly around the letter S, c) write the words "Tom & Jerry" (the name of their school) or d) put lots of cute little dots and heart flowers all over the paper. If he did, then he is really holding back on us at home!

No, we're pretty sure that this was made for us proud parents not by our son, but by one of his precious teachers. We've found that the general thinking in this part of the world is that it's more important for it to be right and pretty than for the child to have actually had any part in creating it. So we'll ask Lee Anna about her beautiful projects, and she'll say, "No, my teacher made it."
Maybe we should let you all decide for yourselves. Does this look like the face of a child prodigy to you?

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  1. Wow dude, you've got skillz! :)

    What a cute face!!!!!!