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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing Around

I came across this picture that I took a few weeks ago and just wanted to share it. I'm so grateful that, so far, anyway, these two play so well together. Of course, it helps that Sawyer is almost as tall and as big as Lee Anna, despite the fact that he's 2 years younger. He really can keep up with her most of the time!

We've taught them how to play "Charades" lately, and it is always a hoot. Sawyer and Lee Anna usually act out the same three things over and over: Basketball (pretending to dribble and shoot), ice cream (pretending to eat something and then shivering like it's cold), and playing the piano (moving their fingers like they're playing). Actually, Sawyer usually watches Lee Anna and then immediately acts out the same thing that she just did. Lee Anna got creative on us tonight and said she was typing on a computer instead of playing the piano! She's pretty sneaky. :)

I also recently taught her how to play Crazy Eights, but she was having trouble holding all 8 cards, so I told her we would just start with five cards. She said, "So now is it Crazy Fives?"

With these two around, I don't think we'll be starved for entertainment any time soon!

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