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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lee Anna Day!

Our little princess turned 4 today! We started the day with Daddy's delicious chocolate chip pancakes. Can you guess which one is for the Birthday Girl?
Here's the proud princess with her birthday breakfast. And no, that's not another son we forgot to tell you about. We had two friends of Lee Anna's spend the night last night, so they got to join in on the celebration today.
Our guests helped hide Lee Anna's gifts so she could hunt for them, and they helped open them too. Here she is with her very own red-eyed tree frog, thanks to the new Rainforest Cafe that recently opened here. We're hoping this will be an adequate substitute for that real live pet tree frog she's been asking for.
She loved all her gifts, and the kids all had fun getting into as many of them as possible. There's just something about new crayons and coloring books that just can't wait.
While the kids were playing, I made a batch of cupcakes that we were going to decorate and eat after lunch. However, a certain little kitchen bandit snuck into the kitchen when our backs were turned, and left his mark on four--count them, four--of Lee Anna's birthday cupcakes! They were on the kitchen counter and he couldn't see them very well, so apparently he thought he should just stick his grubby paws up there and see what he could get.
I'm not saying who did it, but his name rhymes with "lawyer," and if he keeps pulling stuff like this, he's probably going to need one one day! Thankfully, all but one of the cupcakes were salvageable with icing (and who's going to complain about a little extra icing?).
Lee Anna managed to extinguish her four candles with ease, and they all enjoyed their cupcakes immensely. And yes, we let Sawyer have one even though he had already had an early sample.
Believe it or not, he did manage to get some in his mouth!
Happy Birthday, Lee Anna Belle! We love you and can't believe you are growing up so fast. We're so glad to have day to remember what a sweet gift you are to us.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lee Anna!!!