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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Cheer

We hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas Day as we did. We had a great day of celebrating, first as a family and then with some dear friends.The living room was a certified disaster area by the time we were done opening presents. The kids were thrilled with all of their new treasures. I love how they're sitting right in the middle of the chaos, so engrossed in their new gifts that they're totally oblivious to the mess.
Here's Lee Anna with one of her many "favorite" gifts. Her new baby has already been on two across-town trips with us, taken too many naps and had too many bottle-feedings to count, and worn each of her three outfits many times. She was so excited about their matching pajamas.

And Sawyer is having a blast with his new train, as well as all his other new toys. It's fun seeing all the "little boy things" he's into now.

And, as I mentioned, we also spent Christmas afternoon with some friends. I don't have any pictures, but we got to take a local family who are our good friends to dinner for Christmas. Of course it's not a holiday here, so we had to wait until their son got out of school first. Then we met them at the mall and took them to On the Border for their very first Mexican food! They made us order for everyone, since they had no idea what to get. We think they enjoyed it. At least they acted like it!

So we had enchiladas for Christmas dinner. It wasn't exactly your traditional Christmas fare, but hey, we don't exactly lead the most traditional life! It was a perfect day for our family. We hope you also had a wonderful day celebrating the greatest gift we've ever received—no matter where you are, or what you ate!

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