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Friday, December 05, 2008

Getting in the Spirit

The day after Thanksgiving, we pulled out our Christmas decorations and got started decking our halls! I'll mostly just let these pictures show you how much fun we (or the kids, really, since they're the ones in the photos!) had, with an occasional comment or two.After three years, I'm still getting used to the whole artificial tree thing. This year, we had a lovely pine-scented candle burning so we could at least pretend that there was a real evergreen in our house.
Here's something we never had to do growing up—fluff the tree before decorating.
Fluffed, skirted and ready for the fun part!

About 80% of the ornaments ended up at the kids' eye-level—can't imagine how that happened! Except the glass ones, that is. One hundred percent of those are at the top of the tree, out of the reach of any mischievous little elves.

This is the closest thing to a finished pic I have so far. We also added red and silver beads to the tree after this one was taken. I love having a Christmasy house! Now we're just waiting for it to get cold outside!

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