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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Date With Dad

About a week ago, Lee Anna got to take her Daddy out on a little Christmas date. A church near us was performing a Christmas program (in English!), and we knew she would enjoy seeing all the characters we've been talking about so much all month. We were hoping to all go, but Mom & Sawyer just weren't up to it. It turned out to be a fun night for the two of them, though.

The program was great, and Lee Anna recognized all the shepherds and angels and wise men. The wise men were easy to spot because they were riding on REAL LIVE CAMELS! Three real camels came parading right up to the front of the stage! That's something we never did when we were in charge of these kinds of programs. However, where we come from, live camels weren't quite as available as they are here.
It was a fun night for dad & daughter, and brought back more than a few memories for a certain former Christmas-program-putter-together.

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