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Friday, March 10, 2006

Some of you heard that I got invited to play football with the guys from the grocery store this week. I was a little nervous, since I have no soccer skills at all, but I went anyway. My friend said that we'd start at 7, so I went out about 7 this morning and found no one on the field. I knew they'd be later, so I just walked the neighborhood and watched the field periodically. By 7:25, there was a group gathered in the dusty field getting ready to play. On the way onto the field, Husseim asked me what position I played. I laughed and told him I played in the band!! Our team was made of guys who work in the little grocery store, plus one out-of-shape American who can't play.
I played defense timidly for half an hour, then got substituted for and became the ball boy after that. I'm proud to say I didn't get hurt--except for some extremely sore leg muscles. Just before the end of the match, they made me be the goal-keeper. So I'm sorry to report that I gave up the winning goal. As we were walking off the field, my friend Husseim told me in English that "we losted today, but another Friday we will win!"


  1. Hey Jason, Beth, Lee Anna, and "Pedro"! (Have you come up with another name for him yet? :)) How are you doing?! I'm doing just fine at this time. I finally got around to getting on here and made my own name so that we can communicate through here if you want or at least so that I can leave you plenty of comments to let you know we're thinking of you! Leave me comments too if you have time! I know you're busy!

    In HIM, Katie

  2. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well jason, when you are sore, do you feel like you have accomplished something..? lol... i always did in atheltics! hahah! but i don't get 2 play alot cus of my el foot o! lol well i love you love you love you!!!!!!!!!! hope i talk 2 u soon! hay what is a good time to call over thare?
    JUST VISITIN' meg<3

  3. Hey Jason, It's good to see your blog, you can teach me a thing or two about this whole blog business. Mine is familyblogstone.blogspot.com.
    Carolyn and I became grandparents yesterday. Beth and Kevin gave us Parker Ryan McCaddy. Pictures will be on my blog real soon...I'm in Nashville at the moment but was in Jax for the birthing.
    Your dad keeps us updated on your sporting activities and other stuff.
    Blessings, Gary Nichols

  4. Hey Jason,
    enjoyed your blog. Your dad keeps us all posted on your sporting activities.
    Carolyn and I became grandparents yesterday. Beth and Kevin gave us Parker Ryan McCaddy at about 4:15 p.m. Jacksonville standard time. As soon as he was born and I got to see Beth (it was a C-section)I rushed to the airport and am now in Nashville.
    You can check out my blog, and pictures of Kid McCaddy at familyblogstone.blogspot.com.
    Blessings, Gary Nichols

  5. Oops, since I'd never responded to a blog I thought I'd lost it the first time so I resent it.
    Gary Nichols

  6. Hey BigUn,
    Guess I don't get to tell you that Gary and Carolyn are grandparents, but seems that I already did. At least now you know for sure. Had an email from Gary today really hot with Bill because he got to hold his g'baby first! He wasn't really hot, but made it sound like it.
    It's cute reading other folks comments. I suppose that's what blogging is all about. And I'm sure you can teach me a thing or two about it as well.
    Love, d

  7. I found you! (with some help)

    Everytime I hear the name Achmed, I think of y'all...

    hope all is well!