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Saturday, March 04, 2006

We took our first trip out of town this weekend! It was nice to get a little fresh air. Went about two hours away, to a place out in the desert. The place was nice, but we ate meals on the local schedule, which is a little different from our American schedule. They served breakfast at 9:00, lunch about 2, and supper at 8 or 8:30! And for breakfast, we had rice pudding and kidney beans--looks like the British lady was in charge. We also noticed that many of the locals didn't have drinks with their meals, so we had to go without or bring bottles of water to the cafeteria.
Speaking of bottled water...Tim and I were walking out of the cafeteria after dinner Thursday night and saw two guys filling water bottles with tap water! We were a little nervous about what we'd been drinking, but our bottles were sealed when we got them, and we're pretty sure we didn't get any critters in our water.

At the camp, Lee Anna got her first shower! They didn't have a bathtub, and she was VERY dirty after playing in a big mountain of sand for an hour, so we had to wash her off somehow. We just stood her in the shower and hosed her down with the handheld sprayer. She loved it!

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