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Thursday, March 09, 2006

So that's why they call them "Bumpers"

Today, Beth and I were having lunch in a quaint little local restaurant (McDonald's) when we saw from our seats in the second-floor windows that three cars were parallel parked really close together. The one in the middle had about 3 inches of space in front and behind him. Of course, the middle one was the first to come out to his car. The driver surveyed the situation and then got in and started the process. He backed up and bumped the car behind him, then pulled forward and bumped the one in front. He did this 8 or 10 times, bumping each car on every move, and gradually wiggled his way out. When he finally got free from the two cars, there was a delivery moped parked beside the car in front, so he bumped it a little, too. On many streets in our city, people just leave their cars in neutral so people can move them when they need go get out, but this street was too slanted for that. I'm glad we're still riding taxis!

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