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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Say What?? (2)
Just to show that we're all human, Beth read a sentence in our Arabic book and said "the girl put on her milk" when it should have said "she put on her clothes." In her defense, liban (milk) and libis (clothes) do look a lot alike in Arabic letters.

Not to be outdone, when the teacher asked us to tell what we had done the day before, I said "I got up early and travelled (safirit) a little" when I meant to say "I got up early and had a little breakfast (fitirit)". She asked (in Arabic) where I had travelled to, and I--thinking she was asking what I had for breakfast--said Corn Flakes! So now there's a new country in North Africa called Corn Flakes. Maybe that's where the milk and honey flow?

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  1. Well, I'm currently learning to read Arabic as well and can completely understand :-) What's killing me is that every flippin word is not only masculine or feminine but also some form of a pronoun. What the heck?!