We're Jason, Beth, Lee Anna, Sawyer, and Sarah Claire, a family of five living, learning, and laughing lots in Northern Africa.
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Mealtime with a Toddler
Our mealtimes have become more exciting lately as Lee Anna has decided she is capable of feeding herself. She now spends most of the meal saying, "A-ho, a-ho" which means "I want to hold the spoon myself." She needs a little work on accuracy, but she's getting there. I told Jason yesterday that we get to spend our mealtimes the next 3 years reminding her to keep eating, and then we get to do it again with #2.

Another funny Lee Anna story: Last night, after we had put her to bed, she started yelling from her crib for milk, which she pronounces "mil-Kah." After several minutes of this, Jason got her up and took her to the kitchen. When they got to the fridge, she said "wa-wa." When we asked her if she wanted milk or water, she said, "juice." I guess she thought she should try out all the options in case one didn't work out!


  1. I can definitely teel from the picture that she is her Mama's girl.I remember those meals.Your cruel Mom used to grind up liver and feed it to you. I think there are laws against that.Papaw

  2. hay jason and beth!!!!!!! and lee anna! i miss yall a ton! i'm excited to hear about how yalls wonderful journey in life is goin! it excites me and encourages me! i dont know if you got my email, or if i even wrote you on it, but i got a one on solo and ensemble! and get 2 go to state! >.. and this sunday coming up, me and katie are singing doxology again! cool huh! well i cant wait 2 hear from you personaly! i understand if you are busy too... did you hear about drew and hailey...? love you... MARLANA!

  3. Hey Guys, we really miss ya'll around here. Rebecca and Emma say hello. I am glad ya'll went to see the pyramids. That must have been really cool. Ric and I are thinking about getting new speakers for the small room. We are tired of the borrowed stuff. We want our own. Everything is going well, except Rebecca and I are the youngest couple again. But, that is okay. i was starting to feel a little old anyways. We love ya'll... Johnathan